The Modular System

The Modular Anti-erosion System is an innovative tool to fight coastal erosion of the beaches.

The Modular Anti-erosion System has two goals:

keeping the sand on the shore line, which would otherwise be dragged and dispersed in the sea due to washout;

decant the suspended sand contained in the wave, due to the loss of energy, making it deposit on the same shore line, giving rise to the nourishment phenomenon.

The Modular Anti-erosion System consists of a series of modules hooked together through two parallel cables that run along the base of each module and of a particular anchoring system on land and in the sea which, despite its stability, does not sacrifice its flexibility.

Each module consists of three elements: a base, a wing with an inclination of about 20 degrees and two profiles.

The wing fits interlocking into the upper part of the base, while the two profiles block the anchor cables inserted in the lower part of the base.

The base has dimensions of 40 × 80 cm, the wing has a height of 40 cm, for a total weight of 5 kg.

These series of modules will be placed parallel to the coast, open side towards the beach, making the upper edge of the wing emerge for about 5 cm from the maximum local tide level (tide tables).

The plastic material of which the module is composed may come from the recovery of polypropylene and / or polyethylene by regranulation.

The added value of this Modular Erosion Control System:

• the modules, which with use could be damaged or worn, can be regenerated again;   
• assembly / disassembly is extremely simple and does not require the intervention of neither nautical nor land vehicles;
• weight, dimensions and ease of installation allows, during the summer season, to arrange and store the modules on pallets and then relocate them at the end of the same.

The availability of materials, the possibility of recycling, the simplicity of assembly/disassembly and possible storage operations are all characterized by a low economic impact and by a non-negligible protection of the environment.

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