Teti srl

Teti srl is an innovative start-up born with the aim of exploiting an exclusive patent conceived by the same administrator, capable of intervening on the coastal erosion of the beaches which are a natural asset for everyone and an instrumental asset for operators in the bathing sector. This ideation has the ability to completely reverse the erosion process up to a nourishment of the beaches in simple, economic, natural terms and within the reach of operators in the sector.

How? Contrary to traditional systems, the shape of the Module facilitates the flow and advancement of the wave while hindering its outflow, resulting in a barrier to the removal of sand and granules from the surface layers of the beach lapped by the waves and, moreover, braking its flow, forces the suspensions contained in the starting wave to decant, acting as a sedimentary trap.

The entire system is composed of elements which, in addition to their operational value, combine the possibility of being easily installed during the winter period and removed during the bathing period without the aid of mechanical handling equipment, either by land or by sea. The flexibility of the module allows it to be allocated and adapted to any geographical area.

Teti stand at the 2021 SUN in Rimini

The System was awarded the Award for innovative start-ups in the context of the SunNext 2019 International Fair in Rimini, sponsored by CNA Emilia Romagna, Mondo Balneare and IGE (Italian Exhibition Group). Furthermore, Teti srl has qualified among the innovative start-ups finalists of the SeaBootCamp 2019 of LazioInnova and of the Start Cup Puglia 2019.

In 2021, Teti was awarded the award as the Best Start-up in Puglia as part of the CNA Cambiamenti award.

Teti CEO, Giuseppe Tamburrano, on stage

Teti’s goal is to put a stop to the phenomenon of coastal erosion in effective terms, preserving the sand which is an instrumental asset for operators in the sector, and creating new professional skills. to constantly maintain the beaches during the winter.

This process safeguards a unique economic-environmental heritage and, at the same time, relieves the Public Administration from interventions on bathing concessions.

Today Teti srl is ready to market its solution on the national territory.

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