Pilot project

Teti srl began, in January 2022, the installation of a pilot project of its Modular Anti-erosion System.

After obtaining the necessary authorizations, 50 meters of barrier were installed within a protected marine area in the province of Brindisi, an area characterized by little sand, clayey bottoms and strong exposure to winds from the North and storm surges.

Pilot Project

The intervention follows a 90-day chrono-program, in which geo-morphological surveys of the state of the places are provided (before, during and after the application), professional video footage (made by drone) and a final summary that takes into account of the scientific data collected.

Pilot Project

Already after the first week, the system met expectations, counteracting the erosion of the cliff and accumulating sand until the upper part of the module was filled. From the overlapping of the GPS maps, there is an evident increase in the sandy thickness.

Detail of the growth of sand inside each module
Pilot Project
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